Q. How do I sign my child up to Plus 5?

A. Plus 5 has an online booking system where all bookings are made. You will need to make an AimyOne account to make any bookings. The AimyOne sign up page link is: me.aimyplus.com/plus5.

Once you have signed up you can use it to book any classes.

Step by step booking instructions can be found in the documents to the right


Q. What do I do if I have forgotten my AimyOne log in details?

A. If you have forgotten your AimyOne log in, you can give our office a call and ask us to reset your password for you. We can also let you know which email you have used as your log in username.

Q. How am I billed?

A. Your booking can be paid for right away during the booking process with Ezypay. Alternatively you can be emailed an invoice once the booking has been confirmed to pay via Internet Banking.


Q. How do I make a week on/week off booking?

A. Plus 5 classes do not support week on and off bookings as these classes are capped.

Q. Will I be charged if I pick up outside of my booked hours?

A. Any child/ren who is not picked up when the class is finished will be taken to a Bizzy Bodz after school care if there is one onsite and fees will apply from Bizzy Bodz. If there is no programme on site you will be invoiced a $1.00 per minute after the class end time. 

Q. Will I be charged if my child is absent?

A. Yes, once the class has been booked in you will be charged irrelevant of attendance.

Q. Will I be charged for public holidays or teacher only days?

A. No, classes are not scheduled for public holidays or teacher only days.


Q. How early in advance do I need to make a booking for my child?

A. Bookings have capped numbers and once bookings are reached the class becomes unbookable. However you can put your name on a waiting list should a child cancel from the classes.


Q. How does WINZ OSCAR subsidy work?

Unforutnately at this time we do not provide WINZ subsidies for Plus 5.