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The FabLab is a blend of science and experiments, providing children with an opportunity to explore different avenues of learning in the weird and wonderful world of Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics!

Our Intention and approach is to empower children to move outside of their personal world and comfort zones to dig deeper and explore how, why, when things work by engaging the students to be;

  • Critical thinkers

  • Analyse Situations

  • Problem solve both individually and as a team.


Experimental learning and discovery will inspire students to participate in situations to find their own solutions!

Our classes are designed not only to transfer knowledge but incorporate exciting challenges and experiments that make for memorable learning experiences. We focus on assisting children to develop their thinking whilst maintaining a safe and friendly learning environment. 

We encourage children to step out of the box with trial and error and through determination there are no failures as we are always successful. 

“I never failed at making a lightbulb, I just found out 99 different ways not to make one”
– Thomas Edison.

This programme includes:

  • Chemical reactions 

  • Robotics         

  • Acids and Bases

  • Engineering/Construction         

  • Electricity

  • Magnetism 

  • Aerodynamics and Flight

  • Geology

  • Astronomy


Classes are interactive, experimental, and FUN and are offered each week, on-site, after school.